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ETEM: Energy Technology Environment Model

ETEM is a bottom-up model that finds optimal energy and technology based decisions taking into account the energy needs of a city or a region. The model aims at finding an energy mix with minimal cost, investing in equipment (new technology), production capacity (installed technology) and import/export of primary or secondary energy. The model permits an assessment of energy and environmental policies, measures emissions due to the energy system and finds optimal ways to satisfy constraint on the emissions.

This type of model has been used for cities in Sweden, and more recently in Switzerland. It is currently in development for two regions in Switzerland and Luxembourg.

ETEM belongs to the MARKAL and TIMES model family and is implemented in a free algebraic modeling language (GMPL).

ETEM model has been developed to provide the following features:

Structure of the model:

Contents of the ETEM package, version 2.1:

download ETEM package